Vanity Cases for best makeup storage methods!

Summer Storage
Because summer is here and you have already thrown out all your old makeup brushes and products and purchased new ones. Your collection is looking fresh! New brushes, new foundations, mascara, but all you need is a new vanity case to store your cosmetics in! See our collection types below and let us know what you think in the comment section!

Small makeup collection:

If you have a small bunch of makeup, you are a lot of options to pick from! You can buy small makeup bags, or even small table unit. You can also put your makeup brushes in a brush holder which saves space on the table! There are little boxes that have individual compartments for all your different types of makeup needed to be stored. If you are thinking of expanding your current makeup, you could look below at maybe expanding your collection.


Middle makeup collection:

 If your makeup is everywhere in your room, on the floor, in your drawers, all unorganized then its time for a storage upgrade! With a makeup collection like yours, a good idea would be getting a vanity case. These cases come in all different shapes and sizes, we would recommend getting a medium sized one where you can store all your cosmetic goods!

Large makeup collection:

When your makeup is everywhere! And I mean everywhere. When you enter your bathroom you can see more lip-gloss than toiletries, then its time for an upgrade maybe? With a large stash like yourself, it can be scary thinking of the perfect storage solution. What you need is a solution that is easy to access as well as good amount of space. We suggest a makeup trolley or at least a drawer for your collection. There is an option to buy a large vanity case, These cases can have multiple compartments and store more makeup than you can imagine!

These vanity cases such as the one below can be bought cheaply at makeupfix

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