Makeup in the wrong order?

Did you know that 50% of women apply makeup in the wrong order? Are you? 
There is a specific order that you should do if you want to accomplish anything in life. Everybody knows the order, its simple right? Love then marriage then have a baby, or maybe its primary school, further education then a job? Lets think about the order you put makeup on. Putting makeup correctly on a face is much more complex than you may think...  
So lets think about this. What is it you do first? Do you focus on lipstick, eyes, mascara or foundation? This will be answered in the paragraph below. Another good question is what do you take out your vanity case first? 
You can only choose one or another, Moisturizer or a primer. If you use moisturizer it will most definitely interfere with the primer, no matter the texture. Also please remember when picking moisturizer or foundation that you need to remember and check if it has suncreen in it too. 
Second thing to do is obviously Foundation!  
Your goal is to create a sort of layer of foundation, its like laying the foundation on a house, then you build on it. You want to avoid using eye shadow after. 
When using concealer make sure you use dark circles when applying. This is done after foundation due to the fact that the foundation actually does the job for you! 
Eyes or lips? This is a tough one.. I usually mix it up depending on how im feeling. But mostly I like to do eyes first, but also i love to do lips first. Its all about time too, if you have alot of time, you want to do the one you want to focus on the most last. 
If you want to do eyes first, do shadow then liner then mascara. This is the way that makeup artists usually recommend. For lips, Balm first then liner then lipstick, obviously the methods you use are completely upto you! Following these makeup tips you will be applying the makeup in the correct order!  

Last but not least is cheeks! Everybody does cheeks different and its upto you.