How to get the vampire Makeup look!

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Who doesnt like a good vampire lipstick? Who doesnt like getting a vampire makeup look?  Well if your worddrobe is full of old vintage clothes instead of the latest trents, then maybe you might want some viraity. The latest Vampire trend is here! Its a sensational new look from makeup artists around the world. When you think of our vampire trend, you think killer eyes, amazing hot cheekbones and obviously an amazing pout. Follow our tutorial below to get this extremly HOT look!

Step #1

Prepare the skin: Make sure you give your skin a deep clean with a hot towel. After this, you should message cream over your face to make a smooth base for the makeup. 

Step #2

Make sure that all the foundation and concealer is even. A good idea would be to dab foundation onto the center of your face and blend it evenely. 

For the Vampire lipstick look, apply beautifully red lipstick with a lip brush, then in multiple different shades as seen below.